Project : Technical Assistance for Increasing Competitiveness of Middle Black Sea Region (TR 83)
Reference : TR83
Status : Proposal Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station : Samsun
Deadline For Application : 30.04.2015
Expected Commencement Date : October 2015
Expected Period/Duration : 24 months
Position Description : NKEs will develop and implement the contract according to established plans and budget. The NKEs will participate in all aspects of development and implementation of the project. They should be able to provide substantial contributions in their respective fields of expertise.
Qualifications And Skills : - University degree relevant to the assignment
- Good command of English (speaking, reading and writing)
- Full computer literacy
• A senior non-key experts is one with more than 7 years of general professional experience and more than 5 years of relevant professional experience
• A junior non-key expert one with more than 5 years of general professional experience and more than 3 years of relevant professional experience
• For experts that have pursued or are pursuing academic carriers, studies during obtainment of advanced degrees (e.g. masters, PhD etc.) are considered professional experience and counted for general experience.
General Professional Experience :
Specific Professional Experience : Below is a non-exhaustive list of specific expertise areas to be sought in the non-key experts to be selected and hired by the Consultant.

- Economic and financial analysis,
- Market analysis, demand estimation,
- Innovation policies,
- Furniture manufacturing,
- Labour market assessment,
- Human Resources planning,
- Cluster analysis,
- Regional development,
- Competitiveness assessment,
- SME business diagnostics,
- Training needs assessments, training etc.
- Surveying, statistical analysis,
- Monitoring and evaluation,
- Business planning etc.
- Corporate development plans
- Investment promotion
- Software Development
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