Project : Technical Assistance to Administrations and Business Development Services to Support the Development of the TC Private Sector
Reference : CY- KE1
Status : Proposal stage
Country : Northern Part of Cyprus
Duty Station : northern part of Cyprus
Deadline For Application : 01.08.2015
Expected Commencement Date : October 2015
Expected Period/Duration : 17 months
Position Description : S/he will be responsible overall for the implementation of the tasks foreseen under Team 1 and the achievement of the related results. S/he will also be responsible for organising, coordinating and managing the work of the Teams 1 and 2, including:

1.Organizing and implementing the tasks and activities foreseen in these ToR, in accordance with EC rules were applicable;
2. Managing the inputs of key and non-key experts, according to the work programme and activity-based personnel programme;
3.Reporting to the EC Project Manager at the end of the each week about the key and non-key experts' deployment for the following week.
4. Attending Steering Committee meetings and other meetings related to the project called by the Contracting Authority or other key local stakeholders;
5.Secure the provision of the reports mentioned under Section 7.
Qualifications And Skills : Master degree from a university or equivalent institution in Law, Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Social Sciences, or equivalent.
General Professional Experience : 1. A minimum of 7, preferably 10 years, in policy advice rendered to administrations in matters of management of economic or financial interventions. 2. Mastering legislative and regulatory frameworks governing economic and private sector development in the EU or in candidate countries demonstrated by a minimum of two separate experiences. 3. Experience in capacity building and training will be an advantage.
Specific Professional Experience : 1.Experience as Head of a team or Deputy Head of a team in at least 2 projects for a duration of at least 6 months in each project;
2.Demonstrated direct experience of at least 6 months in assisting/consulting administrations in institutional reform, including the preparation of policy papers and reform action plans;
3.Demonstrated direct experience of at least 6 months in assisting/consulting administrations on the design, implementation or evaluation of public finance systems and/or public procedures (e.g. public financial management and budgetary systems);
4.Demonstrated direct experience of at least 6 months in assisting/consulting administrations in the removal of technical barriers to trade e.g. quality infrastructures, preferential trade agreements, market information systems and surveillance, regional marketing extension services, incubators, innovation centres, business centres, clustering, laboratories, centres of excellence, industrial zones, etc.;
5.Experience in the removal of technical barriers to trade in EU member states, or EEA members, or EU candidate countries will be an advantage;
6.Experience in designing or managing eco-tourism strategies will be an advantage;

Please note that only shorlisted candidates will be contacted
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