Project : EU Project on Technical Assistance for the operation of 'My Bee, My Honey, My Honeycomb'
Reference : Honey – 1
Status : Proposal Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station : Ordu
Deadline For Application : 30.05.2016
Expected Commencement Date : 11.09.2016
Expected Period/Duration : 18 months
Position Description : The duty station of the Team Leader is Ordu. It is expected that the Team Leader works in Ordu on full time basis. The Team Leader is responsible from management and coordination of the technical assistance and inputs provided by the TAT (including the non-key experts). S/he will bear overall responsibility for development of time plans and resource schedules. S/he will be counterpart of the OCU Director in terms of management and coordination of activities of the Project. S/he will monitor the progress of the Project and regularly update the OCU Director. S/he will pay a special attention to the;

- development of work plans, implementation and resource schedules,
- monitoring of the project activities, review of the technical reports of Non-key Experts,
- concerting the efforts for the facilitating discussions on project activities with stakeholders,
- development and finalization of contractual reports (E.g. IR, PR, PR) as described in the ToR and as per EU Procedures
- represent the project at key project events and meetings
Qualifications And Skills : - Bachelor’s Degree in administrative sciences (e.g. management, economics, international relations, public administrations etc.) or in engineering (i.e. Food engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering). In absence of Bachelor’s degree in above mentioned fields, Bachelor’s degree in any other field will be accepted together with a minimum of 7 years’ experience in projects/programs and/or at institutions/organizations concerning SME, enterprise and/or private sector development.
- Good command of English
- Good command of Turkish is an asset
- Full computer literacy
- Certified knowledge of project cycle management will be asset
General Professional Experience : - Minimum 10 years of general professional experience is required and more will be asset up to 25 years of experience.
Specific Professional Experience : - Preferably 7 years but a minimum of 5 years of specific experience in projects/programs and/or at institutions/organizations concerning SME, enterprise and/or private sector development
- Minimum 2 years of specific experience in provision of business development services (e.g. consultancy/ business development/ marketing/ product development/ brand management/ R&D, etc.) in the manufacturing sector, preferably in food industry.
- Minimum 1 year of experience as a team leader (or equivalent) under projects/programmes or at institutions/organisations. (References including 1 year or more experience under only one project/programme/institution will be considered acceptable under this requirement).
- Minimum 2 years of management experience in an organisation, institution or company in food sector will be an asset.
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