Project : EU TA Project on “Adaptability of Employees and Employers with a Social Dialogue Approach”
Reference : HAK-SNKE
Status : Implementation Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station : Ankara
Deadline For Application : 07.04.2017
Expected Commencement Date : 04/2016
Expected Period/Duration : 20 months
Position Description : Outline of tasks:
Together with the technical assistance team (TAT) and especially with the Team Leader, and KE2 (Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue Expert), and the KE3 (Training Key Expert), and working closely with the international NKE, the International non-key expert is responsible for: (1) developing a Policy Development Paper and more specifically a HAK-IS strategic documents, (2) collecting and studying all relevant documents, such as sectoral policies (1.2.), the training publications for trade union staff and leaders (2.2 ), etc., (3) reflecting the state of play at HAK-IS, the strategic objectives at this point and in future, and the way to attain them; (4) carrying out all activities according to a time-table.

Inputs/ Outputs:
1. Reviewing HAK-IS Congress resolutions, as a basis for a strategic plan for the next years;
2. Formulate a concise paper on the state of play at the trade union:
- the main challenges;
- public awareness on the responsibility regarding the added value of trade unions in the working life;
3. Outline avenues for strategic development of the trade union, goals, challenges and the means to achieve them, including: lobbying, networking, and relationships with employer organisations and the political actors;
4. Outline/develop possible strategies for HAK-IS:
- To increase trade union membership at both sectoral and regional level;
- To support/strengthen collective bargaining powers of HAK-IS Confederation and its sectoral affiliates;
Reporting: The SNKE will deliver a mission report five days after completion of presenting the activities performed and the results achieved. The final product will be a Policy Development Support to HAK-IS or, if appropriate, another title. All reports will be in soft copy in English and Turkish.

- Strategic development paper/guide for HAK-IS;
- Recommendations for future HAK-IS policy development.
Qualifications And Skills : - University degree, preferably in labour economics, communication, human resource management, labour law, sociology, or relevant experience in industrial relations;
- Good English language skills;
- Full computer literacy;
- Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team and in a multicultural environment;
- Previous experience of working with similar projects will be an asset.
General Professional Experience : - At least of 7 years’ proven experience of drafting policy papers and strategies; - Broad national experience, preferably with employee and employer organisations;
Specific Professional Experience : - Analytical and reporting skills;
- Experience of working in a trade union organisation and/or employer organisation at national or international level;
- Proven experience of working with EU-funded projects may be an asset;
- In-depth knowledge and understanding of the Turkish industrial relations and specifically social dialogue at national and international level;
- Experience of conducting workshops and presentation skills will be an asset.

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